eVerify Review – The Best Reverse Phone Look-up Service Today

Everify is an online program that is used to check a person’s information. This person may be your new employee, a potential boyfriend, your babysitter or any other person that you wish to investigate.

Certain employers are required to conduct background searches of their new employees to ensure that they are permitted to work in the United States. Therefore, this is not something new. However, this service has just been made available to the public recently.

FBI uses such platforms to check the information of a potential agent and their family members. The aim is to unearth a person’s criminal records, networking activities, property records, court records, residential addresses, and more.

How it works

eVerify aims at providing reliable public records and information about any searched person. The report offered contains; contact details, phone number, full names, and address. Little information is required to uncover the desired records and reports. You can search about a person using their phone number, names or address. It stores a wide range of records such as; birth certificates and records, police records, death records, academic records and arrest records among others. The service can be used to find out a person’s accumulated wealth.

eVerify features two approaches; pay per single report and a monthly membership plan. Pay per single report is ideal for people who are performing a check on one person. The monthly membership is ideal for people who plan on often searching .


Background Check

The need to conduct background checks before you let a stranger into your office or home is rising due to the rising insecurity and impersonation. Private investigators are quite expensive to hire, and they take a lot of time to get the information you need.

However, eVerify background check feature ensures that you get the answers you are looking for within the shortest time possible. Moreover, all the information is sourced from governmental information and industry directories that are updated regularly. A background check report contains; criminal records, people, background and social media.

Additionally, you can stay updated when changes are made to a person’s documents through subscribing to a membership plan and gain access to the public records search system.

Phone Number Look-up

The eVerify phone number look-up feature allows you to determine unknown callers who may be disrupting your peace. It scans private and public online phone number databases to source information about unknown callers regardless of their location. The results include; names registered to that number, location of the caller and time zone.

When a person registers with a phone company, the phone number, and personal details are entered into an online public phone directory. The personal details include; a person’s full names, gender, age and names of a joint account user. When you enter a ten digit number, the number is scanned, and the information is sourced from this online directory.

Social Media Check

This investigation platform utilizes a deep web search tool that makes it easy to locate essential information about people on social media. This tool sources information such as; videos, photos, social networking profiles, blogs, professional interests, and publications.

Criminal Records

eVerify has a criminal database that is updated regularly. Criminal records reports offer information about; sex offenders, mug shots, arrests, convictions, court records, probation records, misdemeanor, and felonies.


– Checking background information is easy and fast
– It has a large database that offers historical information about a searched person
– The monthly subscription offers unlimited access to all features
– All searches are confidential

User eVerify Reviews

Just like any other product or service, eVerify has received both positive and negative user reviews. Some customers are happy with the services offered by the company and recommend it to other users. They say that the information provided is what they would pay a professional private investigator for.

Conclusion: Why use eVerify

In the current interconnected society where strangers become collaborators, companions or colleagues, it is important to know the people you spend most of your time with.

Using the old fashioned way of contacting relevant government offices or hiring private investigators to source information is expensive and time consuming. eVerify eliminates the costs and time barriers through offering all the information you need within the shortest time possible and at a reasonable fee.

3 Useful Tips on How to Trace Anonymous Phone Numbers

Sometimes, it can be very frustrating when you receive a phone call and it is either from a restricted caller or at times, it can be from a blocked number. There are a variety of reasons as to why this can be a painful ordeal. For starters, the person calling might be your friend or someone that you actually want to talk to. On the other hand, it can be someone that you would rather not talk to like a sales rep. regardless, there are a number of tips that you can use to allow you trace the anonymous phone numbers.

Some of these tips include:

Let the call roll over

There are a number of reasons as to why you should let the call go to your voice mail. For instance if the person is a friend, they can identify themselves or you can be able to recognize them from their voice. Additionally, letting it got the voice mail allows you to listen to it at your own convenience. Furthermore, a lot of people will usually identify themselves and also the purpose of their call.

Use the redial feature

A good number of landlines and mobile phones have a redial button or a redial feature. This is a very important since you can be able to use the redial feature to call back and ask very politely who it is. This is a great way of being able to know who called you. In the event that you’re not sure about how to use the redial function on your phone, you can contact your manufacturer and let them shed light on the same.

Purchase an unmasking service

This can easily be one of the handiest tools that you can have when it comes to tracking anonymous calls and the best part is that it can be able to offer you the identity of the person that is calling without you having to swallow your pride and ask who it is that called you. However, the extent of the good results that you are able to get depends on the quality of the application that you opt to get. However, keep in mind that you might fork out a bit more when it comes to getting a more dependable service but the results will be eminent. Some of the best apps that you can get for this include TrapCall.

By following these simple tips you don’t have to worry about second guessing who called you with an anonymous number. All you have to do is follow these steps and you will be in the know in no time.

How Reverse Phone Look Up works – Paid Vs Free

More often than not you will find a missed call from a strange number. This will bother you a lot especially if the caller does not call back to identify themselves and if you are also not able to reach them on their phones.

When this happens, a reverse phone look up is your best shot at knowing the identity of the caller. Another situation you may need a reverse phone look up is for directional purposes. You might have the phone and name of a person but you don’t have their address. A reverse phone look should provide you with most of the basic details about that person.

So how does a reverse Phone look up work? This is a question that even frequent users of this service cannot answer. A brief history of the origin of the service might be a good starting point in understanding how it works.

In the old land line days, in most parts of the world telephone companies used to record the details of their customers for the purpose of billing them. This information would include their postal and physical address. The information would be shared with the relevant authorities like police for their database. It is also this same information that was used to compile phone directories. Searching for a person’s name in a directory using their phone number can be thought as an earlier form of reverse phone look up.

With the coming of the internet, reverse phone look up has become easier and faster. The simplest form of a reverse phone look up is using a search engine like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing.

Most people have a lot of their details online on social media and other sites of interest. All you need to do is type the phone number and click on enter. The search engine will search the internet for any material that matches that phone number and give you search result options. Because phone numbers are unique and each state has its own code, the results will be likely relevant to the person you are looking for.

However, this will only work if the person has not synchronized their phone number with his/her online accounts.
The search engine is the basic methods of doing a reverse phone look up. The other one is using online companies specializing in this. At a fee these companies will do the search for you and give you everything you need to know about that phone number.

Nowadays you can even receive a real time location of that number using Google Maps. This online sites act almost the same way to search engines but have special access to phone records which gives them better detailed information.

Paid Vs Free

You can do your own research using search engines and other online social platforms to know the details of the caller. It is free but the downside is that it can be very time-consuming. Also, not all the details are available online.

But for a little fee, you can easily do a reverse phone look up and get all the information you need instantly. Just check out our services on this site like Spokeo.